Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Juga nasihat untok diri sendiri

What a beutiful Tuesday morning. And I'm a bit sleepy. Lately nih susah sangat kalau nak bangun pagi. Malam diganggu mimpi-mimpi indah. Hoh!

Yes! Akhirnya berjaya jugak invites my UM buddies to come over my house and makan-makan. Walaupon x sehavoc dulu. tapi dapat jugak lah kite kumpol sebelom Wani pi Jepun and makan Nasi Beriyani. hehehe... Xdok gambar sekeping pon sebab malas nak amik.

Anyways, my best buddy from Matricultion days called up. Well, with the same story and the same problem. Here's her situation. She fall in love her best friend who is a guy from work. I know him and I've meet him. He is about 2-3 years older than us, but he knows his way around girls. He does makes you feel kinda special..hoho..I do remember telling Dils, that she better be very careful and not fall for him, for her work sake. But, she did anyway. Haish... She have told her feelings to him, and of course he said no, He is a married man with two kids! And she is complaining that this guys is running away from him, and not as close as before. They were close, they went everywhere together, work requirement of course.

Many2 times I have told her, to forget about this feeling. I know it is not easy, but this is quite obvious that this relationship would never work. Yes it sucks to be rejected and it sucks to be rejected by your own best friend. But she should see this coming from afar, right? And after all this, expecting that guy to be the same as he is before is not going to happen, right?

I have been in both situation, rejecting and being rejected. In where if it involve a good friend, it is definately turn into a weird situation and always and always terminating that very good friendship. Let me tell you my story. FYI, I don't have many good guyfriends as trying not get involve in this awkward situation.

This guy is a very good friend. He is like a your best girlfriend who you told everything, meet up in any occasion, spend time as much as you could, just minus the romantic stuff. I remember telling myself, "Cool. I have a guyfriend that I can rely on, and he has no personal feeling towards me. Yeh." But he have to ruin everything. What seems to be too good to be true, doesn't gonna last that long. Hoh..

One very fine day, he confessed everything. I thought he was kidding that this was some kind of joke or something. Instead, he was real. Sunggoh ralat. I don't know what else to say or do, So I said why don't we just friend like we always do? Why not just stay friend.. I love him, I do. But as friend, no more than that. What happened was so unexpected. At the beginning it seems okay, it seems that we still can be friends even after his feeling wasn't mutual. Then, what I expected is happening. We are just getting further and further away from each other. Then he said, I can't do this. I can't see you anymore. We can't be just friends. I am expecting something else from you. And each time I see you it hurts me. So this is goodbye. I am sorry.

And that was it, ruined friendship. Same goes when I was the one being rejected. I know exactly how that guy felt. And I know it sucks. But what can you do? You don't fall in love purposely. It just happen. And when it happen, nothing is going to stop it. But falling in love with your best friend and having those feeling not return back, is just disaster. So my advice is, if you ever tanpa sengaja fall in love with your best friend, just shoot to his/her face. Tell him. So what if you get rejected. It hurts, but atleast you know. Ruin friendship? Rather than getting hurt each time you see him, might as well end up that friendship right (It's already over the moment you realise you've fallen for him right?). Hoh! It is hard.

So Dils, forget him. Just forget him. The damage have been done. It's unreverseable. You just can't do anything about it anymore. He can no longer be the best friend you used to know. Just accept the fact and move on. You may loose him, but I'm pretty sure there's plenty more. Just forget him. So me confessing to another guy? Not anymore. I just want to wait and keep on waiting. Yes you. Please be brave and say it to my face okay?! haahahaha....

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