Wednesday, July 7, 2010

makcik-makcik sekalian

Cerita nih bermula bila kakak ambik keputusan untuk kawin. Ye, dengan orang yang kami pon kenal jugak. Bile semua orang dapat tahu, mulalah segala jenis Makcik dan yang seangkatan dengan nye, memberi buah pikiran mereka macam diorang nih juri profesional pulak! Macam-macam yang dijadikan agenda, macam-macam yang dibincangkan. Macam-macam jugak yang dipersoalkan. Perlu ke semua tuh? Perlu ke dipikirkan masa depan diorang? Yang nak kawin mereka berdua. Yang korang sebok sangat kenapa? Masa depan mereka mereka je lah yang pikir. Xde kuar sesen pon duit korang kan.

Bile seseorng tuh buat keputusan untok kawin dengan pasangan mereka, haruslah diorang dah pikir masak2 tentang segala benda. Kenapa nak dipersoalkan taraf pendidikan, pekerjaan, duit dan macam2 lagilah.. Maybe it is that important to you??!. My sister have everything she wanted, jadi kenape? kalau dah kaya nak lagi kaya? dari kereta sebijik nak jadik 3 bijik, macam tuh? Dari rumah kecik nak buat banglo 3 tingkat? Baru korang bulih senyap mulot? Hoh! I totally doubt it!

What I don't get is, why being so materialistic? Why didn't the topic of discussion among all of you is about his attitude towards my sister, to the elders, to his parents, to my parents, everyone... Why didn't they asked 'Is he going to be a good father and husband?'. Is he loving and caring? Why not that?

When I was younger (hoh! I'm old!!) I do admit that I was looking for a guy based on the material stuff. But as I get even more younger...hoho...kidding...I mean older, I think I now realise that money isn't just everything. I don't see why I need a doctor or an engineer (konon2 this jobs pays more) as my partner. What I'm trying to say is, You don't get married to someone to expand your wealth ( in terms of money), but you marry to make babies! hahahaha....

I think now I have everything that I dream of. I have my own car. I live in my dream house (eventhough it's not mine T_T)Yup, that small apartment is my dream house. 3 bedroom apartment, with a small kitchen... basically everything on the same floor. hahahaha... senang nak jaga.. I can support my own self. So why look for some one damn rich with money? For what?

You might say, I sounded desperate. It seems like I'm saying anything goes. Like I don't mind at all, as long he is a guy, cincai lah. NO Noo... In fact, I am not borthered. I have written somewhere before, I wasn't really thinking of marriage yet. I don't have any wedding plans or even a dream wedding. I didn't even borthered to take kursus kawin. Not until I found the right one, and am sure that I am getting married. Till then, I live my life as it is now.

Right now, this is it. This is what I want. I didn't see why I need to buy another car (I'm planning to use it till I give it to my kids, If they want it lah..heheh..). Or change my handphone to latest models, or whatever whatever....

Makcik-makcik yang seangkatan dengannya...grow up please! Life is just too short to think about other people's life. Too short untuk penuhkan minda anda dengan hasad dengki... too much of everything isn't good... So don't think too much okay? Didn't living on this earth for more than 5 decades gave you any lesson??? Or should I gave one loooong ceramah and a knock on the head??

Give my sister and his husband-to-be a break lah. Give them some space to prove all of you wrong okay? Then maybe after that you should go and worry about your kids...

chiow more thing. My baby half brother likes me soo much. He always got confused of me and his own mother. He even prefered me, compared to his mother. hahahaha... He'll go very very excited when he hears my voice or even hears some one at the door (he always assume its me) if I stop by at Dad's house. I don't think this is healthy right? Once,he even asked me for susu! haiya... and my step mom breastfed!!...Not good right? Why babies always get confused with me? And this is not the first time! What to do eh?? Or should I just layan jek?? Am I that apeealing to small kids?? confused!!


Queen4ADay said...

i sgt sure baby neve get confused between me n u=p bweekk

afirah said...

haha.. We'll see. Ko kan nk p jepang. Hahaha..mak lang auntie fifi..