Friday, July 9, 2010

Sister's wedding

My feet hurts!!!

Just early this morning, my sister is now officially someone's wife!! woho...

I don't like going to akad ceremony. It always makes me cry. Doesn't matter whose Akad it is, I always end up crying.. (hahahaha...not crying sebab aku x kawin lagi! tapi memang sebab sedeh!!). There's something about this ceremony, I don't know how to say this, but there's something pure, clean and holy aout it. The look on the bride face, as she is going to be someone's wife and taking responsibilty on taking care of the husband. The sad bride parents faces as they were about to transfer the responsibity of taking care their beloved baby girl to the husband-to-be. The 'cuak' look on the bridegroom, as he is picturing the Akad in his mind. I don't know, but I would simply feel 'terharu'.

But at my sister's wedding I hold myself from shedding tears. Trying to keep my brain from thinking. So I tried to be busy, taking pictures, videos and stuff. Try not to think that my Mom's not here. That my Sister is getting married. Try not to look at my Father. hoh! I made it. I didn't cry one bit. BUT I"M CRYING NOW AS I'M WRITING!!! waaaaaaaaaa.......

Alhamdulillah semua nya berjalan lancar. Moga2 mereka berdua hidup aman bahagia sampai bila2. Amin

There's one thing I don't like to do when we have a function at home. Jadi penunjuk jalan. In other words, cars following my car. It has been written on my DNA that I can't drive slow. Hadoi.... 60km/h???? come on la...who drive that slow?

Okaylah...cukoplah. Xlarat dah. It is actually amazing that I can even open my laptop and write something on my blog. Hoh...

Later lah. Updated with pics of ME in my sister's wedding. Hah!

Ingat pesan Bapak...Whatever you do, always always and always make your husband happy. Okay! Always!


Queen4ADay said...

who drives at 60?me la..T-T huuu
btw, congrates to ur sis;)

afirah said...

koya mu! Mu tuh tgh turn corner pon bwk 80 gear 5 lagi. Ko bwk 60 time masuk paking..haha..