Wednesday, July 28, 2010

food and more food

I promise a food posting right? Instead of me membebel kan? hehehe...

So this is it. Walaupon makanan yang xseberapa, I don't care. I'm still putting it on the blog. ;P

Mee goreng for dinner.
Heh. I have the step by step pics but just too lazy to do a step by step posting.
Besides, it is just mee goreng. Mehh..

This is the dinner for today. Sotong goreng kunyit.

dan jugak sayur goreng.

See, not so much pon.
Just normal bujang food.

This is makanan for sahur untok puasa esok.
Nasi goreng ape-ntah-pataya.

Did you remember our quick trip balik kampung?
This was us having our breakfast.
That is the view from the restaurant.
Can you see how near it is with the sea. I like!

Below is what Terengganu people have for breakfast.

Nasi air.

Nasi minyak.
Dimakan hari2 untok sarapan.
Bukan untok majlis kawin

Roti Sardin. Sadap gile.

Okay habis dah.



Queen4ADay said...

its late and hungry T_T tenkiu fifi=(

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