Wednesday, July 14, 2010

now, it's back.

I don't want to talk about wedding anymore. Enough lah. And I thought of uploading some of sis wedding pics, to finish the topic off, but unfortunately, I have no pics at all. None from my camera,as I was to busy doing everything else. So this is it. Jomlah doakan mereka bahagia hingga ke anak cucu. Owh one more thing not to do; Don't choose your wedding date which somehow is also your fisrt day of period. Hoho..

Things are just getting back to normal. My house is coming back to its normal state, after some cleaning and toilet scrubing. Hahaha... My kitchen cabinet is finally here. Now, I can cook normal food on a normal stove, I just hate using that induction cooker! Who the hell invent that thing??!!

My rutin are coming back to normal. Waking up as early as 6.15 am (hey, that's is early to me) wake my sister up, prepare her breakfast and send her to school. Then I go to work, if going to UM can be considered working..hehe.. Owh, before leaving the house as usual, buat makan tengahari for Sis, kalau malas, soh dia tapau jek. and also do laundry... and feed my cats and kure.

My car is due for srvice since early July. I just couldn't find time to send her. Sian dia! Planning on going to the service centre on Friday. I love waiting for my car at the centre, even if it took 5 hours. That place got free drinks supply, Nescafe, teh tarik and black coffee. And they show movies non stop. and they are not old movies, they're the latest one. And I always come with an empty stomach. Because they have this superb nasi lemak! and karipap too. So nasi lemak sedap, wait for me! (hahaha...aku datang nak makan, bukan nak servixce kete?!)

Okay. I'm really slepy now. After two cups of fresh milk, I'm ready for bed.

(two cups because Dutch Lady fresh milk is on sale in Tecso. Usual rm 6.50, now selling at rm 5.50, So I bougt 2.)

Night everyone.

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