Thursday, May 27, 2010

I don't get it lah..Can you explain..

Ulfah is having flu fever. So she stayed home, and miss her exam. yaiy!!

Dila called and wanna come over my house.

"Ok..Let's go for lunch then."

I was still thinking of design for my new kitchen. So while we are here, in The Curve, let's go to Ikea instead. Looking for ideas only. Pretty obvious I couldn't afford stuff in Ikea dowh..

Dila was searching for something that wasn't there..Off the shelf sudah..kate pekerja in Ikea..ceh...(Perbuatan sia-sia. Aku banyak kali cakap dah mesti xde.Kalu x mesti kite dah nampak dah tadi!).. That rocking chair she wanted was discontinued lah..aiya...

"I'm super hungry..Let's eat.."

"Okay..Subway..Because I have 20% off coupon.."


We ordered, and the payment counter, that girl said "Kak, kupon nih xleh guna kat sini. Kat tempat-tempat ni yang bolih"

"Ceh. Dil! I don't care. You are paying for my sandwich. Hahahaha.."

"Yelah. Yelah"

and We eat.

"Xnak beli kan untok Ulfah ke? Nanti dia nak makan ape?"

"Eh..dia demam la. I've cooked her some porridge dah pagi tadi"

"Uh..Padanlag adik ko xnak berenggang langsung ngan ko!"

"Uh..nape pulak????" (was really confused!)

"Manjakan sangat Ulfah tuh. Demam siap ade bubor lagi. Aku nih demam xde lak orang nak buat bubor semua."

I am really fazed by her words.. really..
Ummm... My sister is sick. And she said I manjakan sangat?? erk..I don't get it..

If you're sick and your mother didn't cook you any bubor..How is that my problem??

How is cooking porrigde for a sick sister 'manjakan' dia? how?


They come in many ways..DNA..colurs..race..and definately with different attitude..
You can't simply satisfy everyone..


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