Monday, May 10, 2010

Facebook and Onerepublic

Lately nih banyak sangat orang yang x dikenali add my facebook...

Saya bukak akaun in facebook sebab I want pictures...huh??
cerite nye macam nih...

Me and my friends went to somewhere in Johor...xingat..Muar kot..they took pictures..a lot...
and semua cakap nak upload in facebook..but I don't have facebook. So nak xnak kene la buat satu akaun facebook..So there goes...Afirah Yusoff...hehehe...

bile dah ade FB...start lah add kawan2..banyak jugak yg dh lost contact jumpe balik kat sini..mekasih yek FB...kire2nye adelah 150 friend...and I know each and everyone on my FB..
(kalu lama xjumpe pon, atleast dah start contact balik bile dh jumpe kat FB)

My friends list started to go out of control, bile ade yang suggest to add group SMK Teknik Bukit Piatu, Melaka.

I started to have suggestion from friends to add the whole school!!! erk...yes I know they are my schoolmate...but THE WHOLE SCHOOL??!!!

I don't think I know everyone in school and I don't think they know me either...right..It would be impossible for me to remember the whole school kan.....haiya!!

And to make things worse this people that I don't know started some Skim cepat kaya bisnes...with stupid status update...
Ia tidak lah hebat mana pun tapi hari ni dia berani BUAT keputusan untuk BERUBAH sebab tak tahan hidup BUAT perkara yg sama..Walau pun dia seorang yang lambat pickup tapi income dia bulan lepas 5 figure dan untuk minggu nie je dia dah collet RM6000 sama dengan gaji dia kerja sebelum ni 2bulan..Itu nama nyer KUALITI..Ada duit dan ada masa..Excellent shahrir BUAT lagi dan lagi...Bulan ni BUAT terus collet RM20,000.00 plak!!!Steady!!
Copy and paste straight from my FB


to those yang nak start bisnes ok la...but please lah try to put it somewhere maybe link it to a blog perhaps?! kinda menyemak jugak la...

To me, FB is suppose to be personal, things that is suppose to be shared with friends..not to unknown people that just somehow went to the same school I did...It's annoying..

I didn't reconize you, Don't think I know you. Yeh , we maybe did go to the same school...but come on!! It's been like 7 years since school ended...
I don't think you would like to know 'what's on my mind' kan??
For sure You didn't want to see me, having picnic with a bunch of friends which is also strangers to you right?

and I for sure didn't want to know, that you are horny (WTH??) or that your baby just puke milk...hehehe...(anyway cute baby tho!!congrats:P)

and gay people..please stay away from my FB... yes, I know you. but your pics and status...erkkkk...and your friends...and their comments...haiya!!

so, I'm deleting anyone that I didn't recognize...that is with weird names...and those with confuse gender...sorrry...
xbermaksud nak sakit kan hati sesape...tapi xperlu lah semua orang tahu "What's on my mind"

but you can add my!! you who is reading my belog...ehehehe...

to those yang kene delete from my FB...see peace offering..hehe..

Here's a song I love from Onerepublic...
Love One republic...

Title: Won't stop
(just read the lyrics...)

Uh ohh
Now i stared at you
From across the room
Until both my eyes were faded
I was in a rush
I was out of luck
Now I'm so glad that I waited
Well you were almost there
Almost mine...yeah
They say love ain't fair
But I'm doing fine...

Cause i swear it's you
I swear it's you
I swear it's you that I've waited for
I swear it's you
I swear it's you
I swear it's you that my heart beats for
And it isn't gonna stop
No it just won't stop
Uh oh oh

Now you were fine by night
But when the morning light comes
Comfortable as rain on Sunday
And I'm a lucky soul
That holds your hand so tight
Hope you hear this one day
Don't fool yourself
This is my truth

I swear it's you
I swear it's you
I swear it's you that i waited for
I swear it's you
I swear it's you
I swear it's you that my heart beats for
And it ain't gonna stop
It just won't stop

You take this hand
You take this heart
Steal my bones
From 1000 miles apart
Feels so cold
Felt just like its ten shades of winter
And i need the sun
Ohh yeahh
Oh oh no no yeah yeah

I swear it's you
Ohh yeah

specially dedicated to you...yes you...
kamu yang tengah bace belog nih..hehehe..:P


Queen W said...

mu..kalo g matrix samo macey kawe ni takpo ko ek (add) mu kok fehbuk??=(

afirah said...

hahaha...sekeh kepala kang baru tau...