Sunday, May 30, 2010

I didn't go crazy...just a little bit nuts..

Okay. Called have been made, Sms' written and send, and they komplen. My posting, when I said that I don't like to watch movie!? Hey, Let me explain for the very last time okay. Those people who knows me, knows that I watch a lot of movie and TV series...A LOT! okay..It is a bit contradicting from my post, but you all got it wrong! What I mean is, I don't like to go for movies on first date, got it? Haiya... Those who knows me, knows that I can't live without movies and TV..hoho..

I really hate that people even trying to talk to me while me watching TV, or movies.. Esp when watching House.. I 'm trying to listen to every bit of words coming from his mouth okay! That's it..That's is my excuse.. Because when I'm watching a story, I am really into it...really. xcaye try calling while I'm House...I won't pick up..ngahaha..

So that is why movies on first date adalah tidak perlu...hahaha..betol x.. Kang ade pulak yang kene marah sebab try menyampok mase tangok movie. Bukankah itu menjatuhkan saham kita...hahahaha...

I can watch 3 movie back to back non stop. I even drove to JB and coming back to OU just to watch a midnight movie.. on the same day...hahaha.. Things I'll do just for a movie....hihi..

Dah..No more asking what went wrong with me...hahahaha...terkejut sangat ke when I said I don't like to watch movie..Some even asked "did something happened to you in the cinema hall?"
What? You think I got raped ke??? hahahahaha...LOL gile!!

Okay lah... still looking for someone to take me for movies.. Xde member la.. Budak2 Uni asyik busy jek..benci la korang.. really wanted to wtach Robin Hood lah...



Queen W said...

eskius mi..saye ni hari2 mintak tgk bounty xde org nk teman pon T_T nk nengok robin hood n prince of persia jgk..wa..kene la tgk 3 movies non stop ni

afirah said...

bile nok g tengok muvie nye?? asyik xjadi jek?