Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sleepy head needs a bit of laugh

Have I been drugged? I am sleepy …so sleepy..for the whole day! Woke up this morning, I couldn’t even open my eyes!

Then it was about 10 am..sleepy.. but I thought once I started doing work, maybe I wouldn’t be so sleepy..

I was wrong! 1 pm in the afternoon I can barely open my eyes! My eyes were half way shut..hahaha..

Masuk petang pulak, jangan cakap lah, still sleepy dowh…

Then balik rumah, seriously feel like just lying down and sleep. Tapi kene hantar Ulfah tusyen dulu. But I don’t like sleeping petang2 nih. So was trying to stay awake.

But I fall asleep mase magrib..ceh..hish! nak kate x cukop tido, cukop jek. Tido xdelah lewat sangat. Tido plak nyenyak jek semalam. Xde gangguan. Ape hal ntah, ngantuk gile..

Xpe lah, mari lah hilangkan ngantuk. Let’s watch this comedy. My favourites. Back then when Astro still give BBC channel for free, I used to watch this with my parents everyday before going to work. I laugh so hard, that I always choke on my own breakfast..hahaha…

Little Britain and Red Dwarf.This are some few selected one.

"I want Bitty..bitty...bitty..."hahahaha...

"When I’m old, I hope I have the good manners to throw my self out of the window. But some people are selfish and go on living like this old bitch! "

"I can't have jelly..I'm diabetic..."LOL!!!

here's another one..

"Capital D on Dear...6 out of 10...See me!"
"If you have a question, put your hands up..."
"Are you chewing? into my hands"..ngahaha...

"She said it was the wrong time of the month..so I got her a new one!!!" ;)))
"Have a fantastic period. LOL!!!"
And Jryten gave a tampon.."I hope i gave the right size" hahaha..
Then said "I want you to tried it on"

cukop lah...tercekik lak nanti..hahaha...okay..enjoy..

happy laughing..

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