Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Or maybe I'm asking too much??

Petang tadi singgah OU jap amik Ulfah nye spek baru...On my way back to the car, ade lah plak this dude...came and said " I think I know you from somewhere" and I instantly replied "No you don't" and started walking away from him. He stopped me and asked " You nih Fiza kan?". "Nope. Wrong person!". Xnak give up, that dude continue "I think we were in the same school, right??". Ahah...moment untok kenekan mamat nih balik. So I said "Owh really?? Which one?"

That dude dengan penuh keyakinan jawab "Sekolah Menengah I think". and I asked "Exactly. Which one?". Muka dia dah kelat dah..."Erkkk...which one??" and I replied " I went to two school. So which one?"

"Erk...sebenarnye I don't know you. But would like to. Bolih?"asked the dude.
" I thought so. No." and I walked away.

hahahaha...ade ke nak kenal orang yang xdikenali langsung??? And how can you even think that I would agree?? Yes you look decent enough but you are a total stranger!! Of all I know, You might be a serial killer...or even worst a serial rapist??!! (why a rapist is even worst than a killer, I'll explain later..hoho...in another posting..)

Yes I've been dateless for a while, but not that desperate to go out on a date with a total stranger...haiya... You can be a friend of a friend...my facebook friend...my blog reader...we ran into ech other many times sebab tempat kerja dekat...but strangers? no way!

The actual fact is..I hate going on a date!! hate it!! to most people...at least to my friends...dating means going out with a guy/girl for a movie, then go for 'makan' and wandering around the shopping complex pointlessly. arrgghhh...I hate that...

To me, dating is the time for you to get to know your other half. So, if you go for a movie, what can you find out about ur bf? both of you would stare the cinema screen. I want to stare at your face, not the cinema screen. I don't want to argue with you on which movie sholud we watch, but I want to argue on which side are you on when we discuss about something.

Yes, exactly. That is my idea of a perfect date. Talk over two cups of coffee. Weird? Boring? hahaha... I'm all that...

Why waste time to watch a movie?? If the movies are worth discussing about, I'm in..( I love M.Night Shamalan's movie...Make you think!) but if it's a boring movie..contohnya, Scary Movie...boy, I'm not dating you..

Then the part where they say "Jom jalan2 jelah..." Biler tanye pergi mane? Pusing-pusing...uurrgghhhhhhh.....I hate jalan2 not knowing where to go and for no reason..

What's wrong with sitting down and talk. What's wrong with discussing. There's a lot that we can talk about. But when I asked " Do you think Malaysia should have minimun wage?" It's a discussion. You should have some opinion rights? You pon makan gaji jugak. Why your face when blank?

Okay. My topics of talk might be dead boring to you. Then why didn't you start talking about something. Okay. and he said "You think Fasah Sandel tuh bolih berlakon ke?"

WHAT??!! okay. no more seeing you! You didn't read newspaper ke? Xkan lah satu news pon didn't caught your attention?? haiya...and xboleh ke bincang and argue pasal isu semasa ngan gf sendiri? pelek ke?

Or maybe I'm asking too much??

I want a man who have their own prinsip and stand by it...
who have their own opinion and not follow watever other people says..
who knows more things then I do..
who leads and I'll follow...
who is confident enough to correct me when I'm wrong..
who is confident enough to take care of me..
who is committed to themselves, their family and me...

I need a guy who I can look up to...and respect him for who he is...respect him for the knowledge he have...for the prinsip he holds...

Am I really asking too much??

Am I?


Queen W said...

u r elaborating a guy which is totally opposite with ms.b's bf=p

afirah said...

hahaha....now you know why!
(sour face)