Sunday, August 8, 2010

my neighbours

My neighbours...hmmmm...should I write about my neighbours?? What if they found this blog?? mmmmmmm..... What the hell... Let's talk about my neighbours...


I live in an apartment. There are six blocks here. A-F. Each block are divided into 3 units. Say E..E1-E2-E3... and each unit have it's own lift. Each floor have 4 apartment. There is 6 floor, so each lift is shared with 24 apartment. I wanted to talk about the houses that share the same floor with us. Yup. My floor neighbours.

In front of my house. A young couple. First impression ; Super sombong! think I have a second impression? okay, second impression ; Sangat super sombong!!
First time datang rumah nih, masa pindah barang furniture, neighbour depan rumah buat some sort of makan2 with family (I think). I saw them and I smiled. And they looked at me, with that what-the-hell-are-you-smiling-for face and shut the door! What the heck? I wasn't going to asked them to help me lifting up furniture pon? That was just a friendly-saying-Hai smile, and they shut the door?! What the heck is wrong with these people?

Second encounter. Saya hantar adik pi sekolah every morning. Around 7am. Terjumpa mereka nak turun lift sama2. I smile again. and again mereka wat bodoh jek. Cit! Melampau kan? Okay. Watever lah. I couldn't care less. Never my lost. Lantak ko la. My only conclusion. The wife is pregnant>>>> Mood swing! (yehhh....for both the father and mother!)

Neighbour to the left of the house. A couple too. But not young. Newlywed I assume. No babies yet. This is also the same like the previous one. X sombong tapi kedekut gila nak senyum! Kalau yang kat atas nih, memang bagi muke yang ko rase macam nak lempang jek, yang jiran nih pulak akan bagi muka takut-ingat-aku-nak-makan-ko. Nak kata kalau xreti nak bergaul ngan jiran tetanga, mereka nampak dah berumor. Hmmm....

Jiran terakhir. A couple with a small boy. Kelantanese. Very friendly. Tapi yang xberapa nak gemar sangat pasal mereka nih, banyak sangat barang depan rumah mereka. dah nampak macam store dah. Patuh suke sangat jemor kain kat pagar orang lain. But hey, better than the others. Memang xleh tahan orang sombong xbertempat nih! And there's something about mereka adalah Kelantanese yang buat saya kureng sikit ngan mereka. Not that I hate Kelantan people, I myself are half Kelantanese. I just have issues with 'these people'.

Tadi diorang buat majlis tunang for their sister. Ajak jugak kami datang. Being a good jiran we did came. Just to show our face. hehehe... I definately didn't see the other neighbour. Huh!

Okay. Why I have issues with 'these people'? Should I write it in this blog? Or should I just keep it to myself? This could get ugly you know. Hmmmm...keeping it to myself. Maybe save it for later....wayyyy later....

Okay back to the neighbours. You think I should still try to be nice to this people? Maybe make something for them for berbuka later in Ramdhan? Or should I just ignore them? I still believe they have good reasons why they are behaving like that. hahahaha.... Stress with work maybe? Masalah rumahtangga kot? PMS?

It is also easy to stalk someone here. Everyone is assign their own parking lot. Written also their house no. in that parking lot. So you know who live where, drive what car, what time they go to work, and wether they are in or not. I thought I was just the one like to watch people like that. Until my 6th floor neighbour, said Hai and asked, "You dudok tingkat 4 kan. Sebulan sudah pindah kan?". Tuh dia, my stalker. hahaha... Now I know he drives a Myvi and live just two floor up above me. I call him Doc coz he have a PhD. Hey, I know this because he told me, not becuase I raid his car or house. hhahahaha....

Anyway, I still hopes things will get better with my neigbours. I don't care. I am still going 'beraya' to this people house nanti. Hahaha...wether they like it or not! I am not trying to be nosy or busy body. Just trying a good neighbour. What is so wrong about that kan?!

Okay. Night everyone. Have a good weekend!

If you get the chance to watch a movie, try watching 'The Last Airbender'. Jackson Rathbone is SOOOOOO CUTE in this movie......uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

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