Friday, August 6, 2010

Jumaat - juga birthday gue!

Hah! Finally, one birthday that I felt so calm about. Hahahaha... Every single year I'm always worried one month before and one month after my birthdate. Worried that people would suprise me with a birthday party. And every single year, I always got suprised. Huh!

I'm sorry if you guys got offended when I said I hate that suprise party. Well, I just hate suprises! The fact I didn't know about what's going on, always drives me crazy. That I know somethings is going on, but I couldn't guess what it is, would drive me mad. I know that is the purpose of doing a suprise, but hey, I don't like things that I couldn't control. Nope, I'm not a control freak. Meh....

This year I spent my day with my siblings. Watch a movie, The last's as cool as the cartoon series. Love it! Makan-makan, sambil borak-borak. Yup, no elements of suprise or whatsoever. Beside, I think I'm a bit old to be having suprise party, kan?? Just anwser yes!

Thanks to all, who wish me 'Happy birthday'. You guys are my bestest friends forever. Sayang korang sangat-sangat. Muahmuah...(just virtual kiss okay!) Many of you jugak wish me untuk cepat kahwin. You think that's going to happen soon? meehhhh...

To tell you the truth, I'm a bit scared of the idea of getting married. Serious! I'm not kidding. I'm scared. To think about the responsibilty of a wife towards the husband and his responsibilty towards the wife, it scares me. You know, what if I couldn't do it? What if he couldn't do it? Aku nih degil, what if aku xmo dengar kata si suami? berdosa tau! and what if, the husband couldn't guide me as he suppose to? Hell's the only answer. Scary dowh!

Aku jugak takut aku hilang respek pada si suami. Macam banyak yang dilihat zaman sekarang nih. Memandang rendah pada si suami is the last thing I wanted to do. Mungkin my point of view of what a wife should do is different from others. But to me, in a family, a husband is always 'the leader'. It doesn't matter what is his gaji, or education level or watever. When he is your husband, you as wife always will obey and follow him. Camne nak cakap eh...mmmm...Okay I give you one exmple, This happened when I was eating in 'Ikano'.

I was seating next to a family of five, parents and 3 boys. Plus another women who I assume as the wife's friend. The boys are eating a bit far from their mom. Mom was seating infront of her friend. Mom was busy eating and talking with her friend. The husband....are doing everything else. Feeding the kids, putting foods on their plate, pouring drinks for them...basically everything! while the mother were just doing nothing but talking to her friend. Then the smallest boy started crying. Pulling her mom, maybe trying to get her attention. Guess what the mom did... nothing! she continued talking and acting as if she doesn't hear her boy was crying! Then the father pick him up, talk to him, trying to calm him down. UHHHH...Aku sunggoh geram dengan bini yang macam nih! Haish! Then when she pinish eating, she pick the boys up, and started walking away leaving the husband clueless. WTH? Husband continue eating watever food that is still on the table, and paid the bill.

That, to me is one ungrateful wife. Her husband couldn't even eat a proper meal, because he was to busy 'melayan' anak-anak. Then when she finish eating she just walk off??!!! I was left speechless wacthing this family. Huh. I don't know. Maybe to them it's normal. But I was not brought up that way! uhhhhhh.... Wife to me have certain responsbility in a family, and so those the husband. but leaving your husband doing everything as if he is the 'orang gaji' just isn't right kan?

Mungkin jugak husband itu xtau nak handle his wife sampai dia bulih naik kepala macam tuh.

So, aku takut aku jadik camtuh. Takut beb, kang masok neraka.

Not a good excuse why I am scared to get married? Then what is? You tell me....hahahaha...

Now, I understand why my friend got married with that guy. Mmmmmm..... Okay, now I understand. Becuse she respected that guy. She believe everything he said. Even when we though he sounded so ridiculous. He has already earn her respect. Must that he did something to her that we didn't know or understand.

Okay before aku start mengarut, I'd better stop.

It's still my birthday. And spending the rest of the day with my family. Yeh...

I'm so loving this year's birthday. Hehehehe.... (^_^)

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