Saturday, August 28, 2010

jumaat - not a very good day until...

I woke up with a bad stomach. I feel like I'm having those pregnant morning sickness. Sakit perot, kembong, mual, loya and certainly it felt like an alien form like a big worm is trying to come out thru my esofagus!

Heh! I don't think it was my cooking. It couldn 't be that bad sampai bolih bagi sakit perot. I'm pretty damn sure it was that late supper coz I felt uneasy after eating it.

Yesterday night, at exactly 12..heh.. all 3 of us adik beradik, when for a late midnight supper at Uptown Damansara food court. We ate yong tau foo and sotong goreng tepung. And I started to feel weird when I suddently woke up at 3 am with stomachache. Aiyark... I thought it was just a normal sakit perot akibat kekenyangan... hahahaha...

I couldn't move much as felt like puking all the time. I don't feel so good. Too tired to move around too. Too tired to cook for berbuka jugak. So kami amik keputusan untok berbuka kt luar je. Since I always wanted to eat sushi for berbuka, so sushi it is.

Even after berbuka, my stomach is not doing any better. Don't ask, but I'm too lazy to go to the klinik.

So it have been a not so good day for me. Even that I got to eat sushi, I still feel uneasy.

So what save the day?

Catching Step Up in 3D... hehehehe.... ( walau sakit perot, layan aje lah movie nih)

sangat cool...

(still having problem with my stomach... Owh please go away....Sakit perot balik just after the movie ends... Ini mungkin hanya sakit perot ngada2...probably... Hope to wake up sehat sejahtera..)

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