Friday, September 4, 2009

Everything I can't be

Don't judge any book by its cover..ever heard of this??

Who doesn't judge a book by its cover? you tell me..
It's normal human behaviour to see what you saw it's watever you are in the outside...

Tipu la kalu kate tak..sebab memang dh secara normal nye a human is like that..btolkan?

I remember buying Coldplay second album just because I like the cover..a human head I think..
I only know the song Yellow from the first album..hehehe...but I bought it anyway..
first I found the sound a bit odd..than it became familiar..then I slowly fell in love with Coldplay..
still found Blur as the best Brit group...but Coldplay can come second..hehehe...

You see what I mean?

At first I don't really like Coldplay, but in time you'll learn to like it, as you get to now them better, listen to them more, understand their songs, and now you love their music.

Same goes to people..and same goes to me..

I know I'm not the most gorgeous person on earth, or yet the most friendly..hehe..but I know I'm a good person.

I know people tend to judge my outside. But I don't blame them..and I'm not even bothered..
why the heck should I care..I'm not here to please people..

Don't like me, then go away..

But it's good in a way that I know who my real friends are..

These are the people who knows me in and out..
Who sticks around long enough to get past my cover, to see straight in me..
To know the real me..
To know what I potrait inside is more than what I showed outside..

These are the people I love the most..
Well of course you all came second after my family..hehe..
(In which family means the whole Yusoff clan and my pets..hehe..)

I love all of you guys to death..
Thanks for being here and there and anywhere and anytime I need you guys..

Seriously, the more you got to know me, the more you'll fall in love with me..I gurantee...haha...

Btol ape..x kenal maka x cinta..hhaha..

Ok..enough crapping about me and you all..let us review what I've cooked for todays berbuka puase..

Ayam goreng..
nape la suke sangat makan ayam goreng?? kan ayam masak sambal ke, kurma ke, kari ke lagi sedap?? tp kalu dh permintaan nyer ayam grg..iye kan aje la..

Daging goreng kunyit..
nih permintaan Daddy..bulih la..suke dgg goreng nih..

Telur masak sambal...
nih pun Daddy gak...sebenarnye nak masak dua bijik jek..since Bapak ngan Yani jek yg berbuke Bapak ckp mana cukop 2 least 6..WHAT!!! ni nk mkn ke nk melantak?? Bapak ckp dia jek mkn 2..ok2..kite masak 5 bijik..kalu x cukop gak..xtau la...

hoho..ok la..ape2 pun..sama2 la kite...



selamat berpose semua..

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