Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tahun ke 25

Happy birthday girl..
it's my friend's birthday yesterday..
Happy birthday Dila..
Happy 25th birthday..
moga panjang umor, murah rezeki n happy slaloooo

called her to wish a happy birthday..
n we end up having loooong talk..
about life...bout being 25..'s a scary number....nooooo
(well, I'm still 24 till August but still....)

25..we are going to be 25 this year..

its half a century..
n still
we haven't achieved anything..

stady still x habis lagi..
(ntah biler nk habis ntah)
seresly no saving...NADA!!!

the only harta that I have...
is my VIOS..
bought it last year..
My Baby Lilli..
(cars can have name u know...hehehe)

I'm still single
and I mean no one ok..
if u don't believe me..go away..
i had enough explaining...
(even if I look like sumone who might have a bf...I DON'T...ok?!)
not that I'm choosy..just the right person is not here yet...

not that I'm complaining..
I'm loving this single life..
bes per..
suka hati la nk wat per
nk gi jln ke..x nk ke..
I can do what ever I want...

beside, with all my problems, having a bf would only add up to the list..
so maybe later..later...
maybe bile life ni is a little bit on track..hehehehe...
(rite now its not..)

aper pun,apa yang terjadi, terjadilah..
cuma raser agak terkilan sebab in this 25 years of my life..I felt like I haven't achieved anything..
Maybe I'm being a little bit...sort of x bersyukor..
ntah la...

after this loooong talk
we can only conclude that...

rezeki adalah masing2 punyer
sum pepel got more some got less..
its fate..
segala apa yang berlaku ader hikmah di sebaliknye
ape2 pn
live life to the fullest

btol x dila??

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