Thursday, May 1, 2008


last nite, we all pg mkn kat delifrance OU. mkn dinner sambil2 window shopping..
we ordered two dinner set. ngan drinks..
i ordered beef n mushroom pie and my sister amik tomyam baked rice.. mari kita bercakap mengenai tomyam baked rice dulu...its new and a chef recommendation meal..ok la..bulih la try....its recommended so it shud be sedap, rite?

no as good as it looks. x sedap really is juz baked rice...xde lauk..juz two pieces of sotong and dua ekor udang...raser tomyam yang kureng...xsedap la...its horrible..

kalu korang nk rase baked rice yg sedap..u guyz shud try baked rice in ayamas...mmg sedap...two thumbs up from me...

beef n mushroom pie plak was ok la.sumting yg i penah mkn n know how it taste..ok la..
not bad..beef n mushroom was tender n good n delicious..

oh my god
i ordered lime juice n my sister amik her fav (n mine too..) iced cafe latte.
iced cafe latte in delifrance as always mmg kaw..
but my lime juice was terrible..faked lime juice...
its like drinking acid..
no lime can be that masam...aiyo..

terpakse la order another drink...menyesal x order ice cafe latte mcm biaser..rugi je...

k la
anyway delifrance still one of my fav place to mkn..

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