Monday, May 19, 2008


this lunch dh lama dh ..bout days ago. juz dont have enough time to blog..hehehe..

well..untuk lunch nih..we had two diff menus.
  1. chicken Caesar salad
  2. sumtin with chicken sausage and rice (forget its name..hehehe)

this is the chicken Caesar Salad..DAMN..this thing is SSOOOO DELICIOUS!!
the dressing is fresly made..u can rasa the parmesan cheese..

as a starter its only RM8 and as a mian course its only at RM15..
believe me its good!!
luv the crispy chicken and roti grg tuh..

this is the other lunch set..
its RM15 and come with one drink and a small dessert..(but forgot to ask for the dessert)

the food was not so bad..but i thought the vege are abit over cooked...lembik sgt dh jd nye...not so sedap la

n they gave u some tasted like herb mixed herb kacau with nasi n bit of olive oil...not so tasty...dont really like it...

Nasib baik the salad was damn it kinda cover the other dish..hehehe...

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